FutureMark Paper


Sustainability is core to our business.

FutureMark® Manistique recycles approximately 600 million pounds of waste paper annually. By using FutureMark Manistique recycled paper instead of conventional paper with no recycled content, our customers collectively generate these conservation benefits*:

  • Trees:                 Over 4 million less trees harvested
  • GHG Emissions:  Emissions reduction equivalent to removing nearly 60,000 cars from the road
  • Energy:               Enough energy conserved to power over 30,000 American homes
  • Water:                Nearly 2 trillion fewer gallons of water processed

Furthermore, FutureMark Manistique continually strives to reduce the environmental impact of paper production by employing innovative, new manufacturing technologies and cutting-edge business practices that enhance the quality of our products.

* Environmental impact estimates above are derived from the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator Version 3.2.