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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many people work for FutureMark Paper Group?
    Approximately 300 people work within the FutureMark Paper Group: 160 are employed at our coated paper production center in Alsip, Illinois, and 140 are employed at our uncoated paper production center in Manistique, Michigan. We also maintain a sales & administrative facility in Connecticut, where there are nine employees.
  • Is FutureMark Paper Group a single company or a collection of companies?
    FutureMark Paper Group is an umbrella group for FutureMark Alsip (previously known as FutureMark Paper Company) and FutureMark Manistique (previously known as Manistique Papers).  The two companies share an executive management team and board of advisors. Both companies work in concert as FutureMark Paper Group, collaborating in the marketplace to pursue sales, marketing and operational synergies. Each company, however, is financially independent and owned by separate investment funds managed by The Watermill Group, a Boston-area private investment firm.
  • What are FutureMark™s business goals?
    Quite simply, we want to build the best paper company in the world and a model for how the paper industry should be doing business and producing sustainable products in the future.  This doesn't mean we'll be the largest company or have the broadest range of products.  To us, being the best means we'll grow our business by helping customers foster and expand their initiatives in environmental paper. And we'll achieve our goals while doing as little harm as possible to the world we live in.


  • What products do you sell?
    FutureMark Paper Group sells high-quality printing and packaging papers that are 90% to 100% recycled.
    • Our coated publication papers, which come in a variety of basis weights and finishes up to 85 bright, are typically used to print magazines, books, catalogs and advertising circulars. FutureMark coated products average more than 90% recycled fiber content.
    • Our uncoated printing papers are offered in a variety of colors and basis weights, with brightness ratings of up to 85. FutureMark uncoated products are made of 100% recycled paper and are used in books, restaurant and retail applications and office papers such as writing pads.
    • Our packaging papers are made from 100% recycled materials.  Our container label paper, a C1S (coated on one side) sheet, is more than 80% recycled.

    FutureMark™s papers contain the highest percentage of recycled fiber for products of their type made in North America.  For more information about our products, please visit our Products page or contact us at 866.580.8325 or sales@futuremarkpaper.com.
  • Do you make 100 percent recycled paper?
    Yes.  Our uncoated printing and packaging papers are made from 100% recycled fibers. Our coated printing papers average more than 90% recycled fibers.  Several products in our popular Future Connection® family of coated papers are 100% recycled.
  • Why aren't all your products 100% recycled?
    All of our uncoated papers and some of our Future Connection coated papers are 100% recycled.  While we could make all our products from 100% recycled fiber and we're probably the only manufacturer in North America with such broad capabilities in recycled paper, we need to help our customers balance their environmental commitments with their practical, commercial printing needs. The 5% to 10% virgin kraft (new wood pulp) we put into our coated papers gives them extra brightness and strength, which most customers want and value. 
  • How much waste paper do you recycle each year?
    FutureMark typically recycles about 600 million pounds of waste paper annually, much of it collected from the Midwest, near our two production facilities.  This quantity is the equivalent of about 15 football fields buried 1 story high in paper. 
  • Does your recycled paper cost more?
    No, our high-recycled papers cost the same as similar products made with no or lower percentages of recycled content. We can do this without a recycled content "up-charge" because our manufacturing facilities are purpose-built for recycling paper. 
  • Do you use certified kraft?
    Our uncoated papers are 100% recycled and do not use any virgin kraft (fresh wood pulp). The small amounts of kraft used in our coated papers come from sustainably managed forests.  Please see our Sustainable Forestry Policy for more detail.

  • Do you publicly report your environmental data?
    Not yet, but we are preparing to do so.  In the meantime, we do provide our environmental performance data directly to qualified prospects/customers and through the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool. www.epat.org


  • Who are some of your customers?
    We work with some of the largest publishers, corporations and paper merchants in North America.  Here’s a partial list:

    Burger King
    Dell Computer
    Eddie Bauer
    General Mills
    Harcourt Houghton Mifflin
    JPMorgan Chase
    L.L. Bean
    Old Navy
    Office Depot
    Outside Magazine
    Salvation Army
    Sierra Club
    Taco Bell
    Whole Foods Market

    You can find statements from some of our customers on our website’s testimonials page.